Everyone relies on their air conditioner during the summer, and nothing is more frustrating than when your air conditioning starts to sputter out. However, before you rush out and call your local AC repair service, there are some things you should check to see if you can fix it yourself. These include:

Is it Running Constantly?

While it is normal for an AC to work harder on hotter, more humid days, if your system constantly runs and doesn’t cool the space, there could be a bigger problem lurking. It could be an undersized unit or low refrigerant. A dirty air filter or inside evaporator coil can also reduce efficiency and effectiveness. If the issue is serious, your technician will likely advise you to either make AC repairs or replace the unit entirely.

A Bad Fan Motor

If you hear a banging, grinding or humming noise that sounds like it is coming from your ductwork, there could be an electrical problem with the blower. A shorted to ground problem occurs when a winding breaks and prevents power from flowing properly. This will usually cause the breaker to trip and not reset. An open winding problem happens when a motor’s internal wiring has broken and is no longer working. This will often cause the breaker to keep tripping or for the motor not to turn at all.

Dirty Fan Blades

If the fan blades on your outdoor unit are dirty, it may be time for an AC repair service. When this happens, the blower will not turn on and your home will not get cooled.

Leaking Refrigerant

A leaking air conditioner can lead to higher energy bills and inefficient operation. If the issue isn’t dealt with quickly, the compressor may wear out and cause further issues.

Air Filter & Coil Problems

If there’s an issue with your air filter, clogged ductwork or dirt build-up on the evaporator coil, it could be a simple fix. In some cases, the airflow is blocked by a dirty air filter or a clogged ductwork. This can cause your air conditioner to overheat and burn out. It is important to check the air filter regularly and change it frequently as needed.

Keeping up with regular maintenance from an experienced HVAC professional can help you save on your electricity bills and avoid costly air conditioner repairs down the road. A service technician can inspect your system for issues and address them before they become more serious. They can also help you keep up with routine maintenance tasks such as changing filters, checking the refrigerant levels and cleaning evaporator coils. This can help your system last longer and function more efficiently. It can also help you avoid escalating AC repairs and replacement costs down the road. Contact your local Carrier HVAC Dealer to schedule an appointment with a service technician today. They can help you maintain your current AC unit or provide advice about replacing it with a new one that is more efficient and will save on energy costs.

Air Conditioner Repairs – Things You Should Check to See If You Can Fix It Yourself