When investing in a new air conditioning system, it’s important to ensure that the installation process is done properly. Professional installers follow a specific process that not only protects the safety and function of the unit, but also guarantees the best value for your money. Some contractors may try to cut corners, but it’s vital that you know the full process before choosing an installation company for your new AC system.

The first step of a successful air conditioning installation is to prepare the area. This is particularly important if you’re getting a ducted system. The technician will need to remove all window screens and storm windows, and check that the window frame can support the weight of the unit. If it can’t, then the window will need to be reinforced with wood hardener and a wooden bracket.

Before the team starts working, the installation company should send a text or call to let you know they’re on their way. Many companies will also send pictures accompanied by bios of the installation team, giving you the peace of mind that you’re dealing with professionals who respect your home.

Once the team is on site, they’ll start by draining any refrigerant from the old system. They’ll then disconnect the wiring and turn off the circuit breaker for the old air conditioner. Then, they’ll set the outdoor unit on a platform that will be stable and can withstand vibrations. This is usually a concrete pad, although it can be a gravel base depending on the climate of your region.

Next, the installation team will install the new ductwork and coolant lines. They will make sure that the ductwork is properly sealed and insulated to prevent leaks and reduce heat loss, and they will check that all of the electrical connections are correct and secure. This will ensure that your new air conditioning system runs to the manufacturer’s specifications, keeps you comfortable and safe, and provides maximum energy efficiency.

Finally, the installation team will test the thermostat and the air conditioning system to make sure it’s functioning properly. Some contractors skip this part of the job, but it’s essential that the technicians are trained to understand the operation of all parts of your new air conditioning system so they can troubleshoot problems quickly and accurately. A good HVAC company will take the time to train their technicians and ensure that they have all of the proper certifications. Ideally, all of the technicians should have a G2 license (Gasfitter 2nd Class) and be familiar with using Personal Protective Equipment when handling hazardous materials.

The Proper Way to Do Air Conditioning Installation