DIY Air Conditioning Repair

The air conditioner be it any of the kinds, is something that needs maintenance all the time. With the standard compressor to the unit taking up most of the strain to the unit, it is hardly surprising that most customers tend to pay the most attention to this part the most.  It is also a fact that the compressor is the hardest working part of the air conditioner and at the heart of the unit as well. 

  • Getting the exterior clean: It is important to keep the exterior of the air conditioning unit clean as far as possible. Dust and dirt on the external condenser unit would cause the exterior to get rusted and the paint to peel off too. On the interior, the unit must be kept dry as far as possible. During the most humid parts of the year, it is customary to find moisture condensed or formed on the cool parts of the inner units. This must be promptly removed else it could result in damage to the paintwork initially and then the working parts of the air conditioner unit.  
  • Paying attention to the gas level: By the term gas in the air conditioner unit, it is the amount of coolant that people are referring to most of the time. There are certain parts of the working cycle that uses the liquid form of the coolant and others where the coolant is in the gas form.  Each part of the cycle has its ways of upkeep and must be adhered to as far as possible. Since for the most parts, the gas is a colorless odorless one, it makes an extra effort to have the unit filled up and to the trim. 
  • Frozen refrigerant: People that use air conditioners to cool homes often complain of a frozen set of coils in the inside of the building. This often happens due to a faulty thermostat or a deficient working air conditioner. The corrective step, in this case, would be to turn off the compressor and allowing the blower to blow air to the coils.  This would in no time melt away the ice and clean out the coils as best as could be done.  
  • Power consumed by the air conditioner: In any premise and let alone a home, the air conditioner would be one of the most power hungry of the utilities available. This would mean that it takes certain care to have the unit repaired and serviced all the time. Any faulty functioning of the air conditioner would mean a deficient cooling and in turn, affects the entire home electrical supply as well. 
  • Blown fuse: There are principally two types of blown fuses.  The first is the fuse in the air conditioner unit and the other is the breaker in the power supply.  The circumstances that cause each of them to blow out are different in each case and must be guarded against.  Once the actual fuse is identified as being faulty, it would be best to ascertain the cause of the fault before attempting to repair or replace them.

Central Home Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a major part of most homes these days. It must be understood that air conditioning is not merely the cooling of spaces but the delivery of good quality air to a room or home.  As technology improves and still more sophisticated means of handling air comes to the market, the simple air conditioner has given way to the complete home air conditioning unit. 

As life gets to be more comfortable than usual and people are getting to use more than mere window units, it has come to a stage where the air conditioner has attained a fair level of sophistication and complexity that needs to be understood.  

How efficiency counts to the purchase 

It is wrong to consider that all air conditioners are of the same efficiency ratio.  Far from it. Each unit has its own efficiency levels that often one unit could be using up energy far in excess of what others are doing. Efficiency levels have a strong correlation to the cost of the units. The higher the efficiency of the home central air conditioner, the more expensive it turns out to be.   

Never the less, Air Conditioner Cleaning Brisbane ascertained that, there is a method to the way efficiency can be used to the advantage of the home user. If the use of the air conditioner is going to be all throughout the year or for the most part of the year, it makes sense to invest in an air conditioning unit that has higher efficiency at best. The extended hours of operation would mean a far greater saving in energy being consumed by the unit.  

Additional features 

These days the air conditioners are like the televisions of the day. With features and specifications that are as varied and as different from each other.  Some of the more expensive air conditioners have anti-bacterial properties that tend to remove any harmful microbes that might be present in the body of air.  

A good part of how comfortable an air conditioner feels is dependant on the overall power of the compressor. A compressor with a larger capacity would mean a much faster cooling and also a much smoother delivery of air to the rooms.  It is safe to say that the compressor is at the heart of the air conditioner at all times. The life or the useful life of any air conditioner is dependant on the ability of the compressor to stay working to peak efficiency for as long as possible. 

There are no limits to creature comforts to the air conditioner.  Most units come with remote control and have some very sophisticated modes of working so to speak.  How much of a feature-rich air conditioner to use would chiefly depend on how much a customer is willing to spend to acquire one. 


It is entirely debatable as to which one of the central air conditioners would be best suited to use for the typical home. At the end of the day, the final choice of what a customer does use depends on the features and the final budget that is available to the person.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Centralized Air Conditioning

A centralized air conditioning unit as the very name signifies tends to have a central unit that is used to cool the entire home at a go.  Unlike the window units of the split units, the centralized systems do not have multiple units places close to where the cooling or heating requirement arises.  But in its replacement, there need to be air ducts in place to carry the air to a place from the central unit most of the time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Centralized Air Conditioning

Cost wise, it makes more sense to have a large centralized unit in case more than two or more rooms or spaces are to be air-conditioned at a time. For single rooms and small areas, there is not much advantage to be had with a single unit and a window system would be more than sufficient.


  • Cools the whole premise and operates on a single thermostat. This enables a uniform comfort level to be maintained right throughout the space.  Few single window units or even the split air conditioning units can match the comfort levels often rendered by the single large central unit. That alone is reason enough to go for the centralized air conditioners.
  • The air quality delivered at the premises with a central air conditioner is much better as compared to a multi-unit cooling system.  Additionally, the centralized system can be made more responsive to the air quality at the site to deliver customized solutions as compared to the window air conditioners.  There is a greater level of customizations when it comes to centralized systems as compared to the single window air conditioners.
  • Since the centralized systems are a single unit operationally, it makes for much easier operations as compared to numerous single window air conditioning systems. Maintaining a single large unit is much simpler as compared to the many window units that usually are taken into cool a large area.
  • The centralized systems are only intrusive enough to be able to be ducted around and not seen otherwise. This is not the case with window air conditioners which tends to be bulky and very visible parts to the whole buildings. Most of the time the central air conditioning units are kept away from the buildings and under proper disguise too.
  • People often rate central air conditioning as being expensive. But taken on a per cubic feet of air-cooled, the central air conditioning is much more efficient and thus works out cheaper per unit of air cooled too.  Maintainance is much more organized and simple in the centralized units as compared to handling the many window units each time.


  • Unless kept well maintained and in good order, the centralized units tend to be rather dirty and harmful to the health of the inmates. The window air conditioners are more manageable in this manner as it tends to be more localized and kept to a single room most of the time.