When it comes to cooling your home or office, ducted air conditioning offers the ultimate in convenience and efficiency. This type of system uses a series of ducts to deliver air directly to each room in your building. The size and layout of your space, energy efficiency, ductwork quality, zone control options, aesthetics, smart features and maintenance are all important factors to consider when choosing a ducted air conditioning solution for your Sydney property. Working with experienced HVAC professionals is essential to ensure a proper assessment of your needs and a smooth installation process.

Ducted systems are known for their energy-efficient operation, with most models equipped with inverter technology that adjusts the speed of the compressor based on your indoor and outdoor temperature. This feature reduces energy consumption by up to 30%, saving you money on power bills in the long run. In addition, many ducted systems come with reverse cycle capabilities that allow them to heat your home in winter as well.

A ducted air conditioner is an ideal choice for larger homes, such as double stories. Their powerful design allows you to cool large spaces in a matter of minutes, and the installation can be discreetly hidden in the ceiling or in a bulkhead. This option is less noticeable than split systems, which require wall units that take up valuable space on walls and can be unsightly.

For an added level of safety, it is also possible to incorporate a smoke damper into a duct system. This is controlled by an actuator installed in the duct and is activated when it detects smoke in the air that is being supplied to a room or in the return air from that room. The system then closes the duct, shutting off the supply of air until the smoke is cleared.

In terms of ductwork, you can choose between round or flat-faced aluminium preinsulated ducts. This material is durable and complies with AS/NZS 4020. It is available in different diameters to suit a variety of applications and can be finished with either a silk screen or other forms of decoration. In addition, it can be made of either a porous or non-porous fabric to suit your specific application.

Ductwork systems are also able to be designed with a reduced extended plenum (REP) or perimeter loop system. A REP system is more efficient because it doesn’t use the entire duct, allowing you to save on installation costs and still provide full air distribution. A perimeter loop system, on the other hand, is a cost-effective option for smaller properties because it only covers the areas around the house that need to be cooled.

Choosing Ducted Air Conditioning For Your Home Or Office