air conditioner repairs

Air conditioners are a necessity to get through summers here in Gainesville, but like any machine, they can break down. Some problems have simple solutions, while others are more serious and require professional attention from an experienced technician. The key to having an AC that lasts for a long time is routine maintenance. If you’re having issues, it may be a sign that your unit is reaching the end of its lifespan and that replacement might be a better option than repairing it.

Several common AC repairs can be made without having to call in an expert, which will save you money on service calls. If you’re having trouble cooling your home, the first thing to do is make sure the thermostat and power switch to your AC are on and that the fuse or circuit breaker supplying energy to it has not been tripped. You can also check your outdoor unit, if applicable, to ensure the fan is running and that the compressor (which sounds like a deep buzz similar to a refrigerator running) is working.

If the above steps don’t help you determine what is wrong with your AC, try resetting the breaker or fuses for the system. It’s possible that the compressor’s high-pressure limit switch has tripped, which can often be reset by pushing the button on the compressor’s access panel. If the unit is still not turning on, it could be a problem with the compressor capacitor or the blower motor. Both of these are usually accompanied by a loud humming sound, which can be heard even from a distance.

Another common air conditioner repair is adding refrigerant to the system. A certified technician will verify the amount of refrigerant your system needs, which involves removing and testing components. Once they have the correct amount, they’ll replace it, and test the system to make sure it is working properly.

Low coolant levels can cause a variety of problems, including freezing of the indoor coil or damage to copper refrigerant tubing. Often, these problems can be prevented with annual maintenance by an HVAC technician.

Air conditioning can also decrease humidity inside a house, which makes it feel much more comfortable. High humidity can lead to musty smells and can aggravate respiratory issues, so having an air conditioner that is functioning correctly is important for the comfort of your home. Most manufacturer warranties require that you have the system tuned up once per year in order to keep it covered under warranty. If you skip an annual air conditioning tune-up, the warranty will likely be void. This is not only a bad thing for you, but the manufacturer as well. Having the unit examined annually by a qualified technician is one of the best things you can do to maintain your air conditioner. This will allow the unit to continue to work efficiently and effectively for years to come. It will also save you thousands in potential repair costs.

Air Conditioner Repairs You Can Do Yourself