ducted air conditioning installation

Ducted air conditioning is a whole-house air conditioner system that is perfect for new houses or major renovations. It operates by having a central unit installed in the roof or ceiling that cools the air and distributes it through a series of ducts into each room of your house.

A ducted air conditioning system offers great comfort, increased property value and energy efficiency when compared to standalone units. You can control the temperature in each room individually using the zoning features built into your ducted air conditioning.

The outdoor unit is installed in your roof void and the cooled air is then distributed through a network of concealed ducts to each room. These vents can be fitted into the ceiling or wall and are hidden behind a false ceiling. This keeps the look and feel of your home intact while maintaining an even temperature across your living spaces.

Ducted systems can be used in homes of all shapes and sizes, from brand new homes to heritage listed buildings, apartments and townhouses. It is a popular choice for new constructions and renovations as well as older homes that have been upgraded or extended over the years. It is a popular option for those looking to cool their entire home rather than cooling rooms that are rarely used.

A large advantage of a ducted air conditioning system is that it can be installed in restricted areas such as flats, apartments and listed or conservation homes where an external unit would not be allowed. The ducts are discreetly located in the ceiling and controlled via a wall mounted controller.

If you are building a new home or doing extensive renovations then installing a ducted air conditioning system is an investment that will add to the overall value of your property. It will also improve your family’s comfort and reduce power bills. The air conditioned space can be used year round and is ideal for entertaining and family activities.

Choosing the right ducted air conditioning system for your needs is essential and we recommend consulting with an experienced ducted air conditioning expert who can advise you on the best solution for your home or business. We offer a free design service and provide comprehensive quotes so you are aware of the full costs from the outset.

Our ducted air conditioning installation services are highly professional and fully insured. All work is carried out by licensed tradespeople and guaranteed to comply with Australian Standards. Our installers will carefully protect your furniture, carpets and appliances from damage during the installation process. The ductwork will be sealed with a special mastic seal to ensure it is waterproof and airtight.

We will also install a protective cover over your outdoor unit to prevent dirt, dust and debris from entering the ducts. This will help prolong the life of your air conditioning unit.

We offer a variety of smart zoning options that allow you to control your ducted air conditioning from the convenience of your smartphone. These include the standard wall controller which allows you to turn zones ON or OFF as required as well as more advanced zoning options such as MyAir by Advantage Air which gives each zone temperature set points allowing you to optimise your energy savings.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation