The nitty-gritty of ducted air conditioning

Whether you’re building the dream home, renovating an older property or looking to add some extra luxury to your living experience, there is a wide range of air conditioning systems to choose from. Choosing the right system to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget is a vital decision that can have long-term implications for how you enjoy your living space.

One of the most popular options is ducted air conditioning. Ducted AC systems provide whole-home cooling and heating through a network of ducts that distribute conditioned air throughout the entire home. Depending on the size of the property and your climate, a ducted air conditioning system may be more suitable than a split or evaporative system.

The indoor units of a ducted system are installed in the roof cavity, where they house an evaporator heat exchanger, a metering device and a blower fan that carries cool air to each room in your home via flexible ducts. The air is then vented through aesthetically pleasing vents in the ceiling or walls, giving a discreet look that doesn’t detract from the appearance of your property.

A major advantage of a ducted air conditioner is the ability to control the temperature in each zone of your home individually. This means you can cool the living rooms during the day and then switch to a more comfortable temperature in bedrooms at night.

Other benefits of a ducted air conditioning system include improved ventilation that ensures your living spaces are always well-ventilated. This is because ducted air conditioning uses high-speed fans that deliver cool air at a greater rate than other systems. The constant flow of air also helps to eliminate stuffiness and maintain a steady and comfortable temperature.

As a bonus, ducted air conditioning systems are often more energy-efficient than other systems because they are designed to operate at lower noise levels. This means you can comfortably cool your home without worrying about disturbing your family or guests with loud machinery.

As mentioned above, a major benefit of a ducted air conditioner is its ability to work with existing ducting. This makes it ideal for renovations or new homes with a built-in duct network. However, a ductless system can also be an excellent solution for a property that doesn’t have existing ducts, as it doesn’t require any modification to the interior of your home.

The Nitty-Gritty of Ducted Air Conditioning