Air conditioning installation is a job best left to professional HVAC specialists, not home owners. Attempting to install AC systems yourself can cost you thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs and years of diminished comfort. The key is to get the right unit and have it properly installed. This means a proper commissioning process that can reveal problems before you notice them.

Most modern homes use a central air system that comprises a condenser and compressor outside, and an evaporator inside the house. The pipes that pass refrigerant through the system are usually located in a dedicated closet or attic space. The system is powered by a thermostat that controls the flow of refrigerant through the system and the distribution of cool air.

During the actual installation, the first step is to remove any existing AC equipment and dispose of it. Next, the installer will mark the area where the outdoor unit will go and dig a hole in the ground to place the unit. Most companies will also provide a concrete pad for the new equipment to sit on, but this is not always necessary and is often more costly than it needs to be.

When the installation is complete, your home will be sprayed with a special foam that seals off the unit to prevent cold air from escaping or hot air from getting in. Then, a final inspection will be made to ensure that all the steps were followed correctly. This includes a visual review of the installation and testing of the thermostat to make sure it is operating properly.

It is common for installation teams to cut corners with air conditioner installations, which can end up costing you thousands of dollars in energy costs and reduced comfort. But if you understand the full installation process, you can hold your HVAC company accountable for a job done well and enjoy a great air conditioning system.

One thing that can often be overlooked during the installation of a new AC system is an inspection of the ducts. A good HVAC company should include this as part of the initial installation and if the technician finds any issues, they will be repaired at no extra charge.

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Why You Should Leave Air Conditioning Installation to the Experts