If you’re thinking of installing ducted air conditioning, it’s important to do your homework. Ducted systems come with their own unique set of challenges, and you’ll want to find a qualified HVAC professional to ensure your ductwork is properly installed for maximum efficiency. Choosing a contractor who’s experienced with a wide range of ductwork systems is crucial for ensuring the best results.

Ducted air conditioning is a system of insulated flexible ducts that carry cool air from an indoor unit to multiple rooms in a home or business. The unit is usually located in the roof space or housed unobtrusively outside, and the ductwork runs throughout the property to provide cooling in every room. Ducted air conditioning is a popular choice for residential and commercial buildings because it allows you to regulate the temperature of your entire home or office by way of a central thermostat, ensuring that all rooms are comfortable. It is also kinder to furniture and fabrics, as it maintains an even temperature rather than heating or cooling one area to the detriment of others.

Typically, ducted systems use a reverse cycle mode which can be operated in both heating and cooling modes. This allows you to use the same unit for both functions, reducing energy costs and increasing energy efficiency. Ducted systems are also generally larger than split system units, and many models offer a high SEER rating. This makes them more efficient than other forms of cooling, such as evaporative coolers, which can use more power to operate.

The main drawback of a ducted system is its cost, with new installations being significantly more expensive than split systems. However, the benefits of a ducted system often outweigh these initial installation costs.

When considering a ducted system, it’s important to consider how much cooling you need in your home or office. You should also look at the layout and structure of your building, as some homes aren’t suitable for a ducted system.

For example, a ducted system requires access to your ceiling space for installation. This means that you’ll need to re-do part of your ceiling or walls if they aren’t already insulated. If you live in a small apartment or an older home with no existing ductwork, a ductless air conditioning system like a window unit or a wall-mounted mini-split could be a better option for your needs.

To install a new ducted air conditioner in your home, you’ll need to budget between $5,500 and $10,000 for the total cost. This will include the price of a new unit, plus the cost of any modifications or repairs to your current ductwork. The cost of installing a ducted system in an existing home can be higher than in new builds, as the installers have to work around your ducts and structure.

Choosing a Ducted Air Conditioning Contractor