A ducted air conditioning installation provides the ultimate cooling and heating solution for any property in Brisbane & Gold Coast. However, it comes with some notable drawbacks too.

One of the biggest issues is that ductwork can restrict natural air flow, which in turn can create stagnant areas and contribute to allergies and diseases. In addition, the ducts can become a breeding ground for insects and mold. This can be a particular problem in older houses, where the fiberglass lining has deteriorated over time. The problem is compounded by the fact that ducts tend to be in high-traffic areas, such as kitchens and living rooms.

The good news is that modern ducts are more flexible and made from materials like aluminum that are less susceptible to wear. They also come with a protective foil coating that can prevent damage to the ducts and reduce leaking. Additionally, most brands offer special filters that can be removed from the vents to be dusted and cleaned. It is important to clean these filters at least once every season, or more often if you have pets or smokers in the house.

When you opt for a ducted system, the cooling and heating is distributed throughout your home through a series of concealed ducts that run from the outdoor unit through to each indoor space. The cooled air is then dispersed via ceiling or wall-mounted vents. This design is ideal for homes that are built in such a way that the ducts can be hidden behind a false ceiling or in the walls and floors.

Another benefit of a ducted air conditioning system is that it can be customised to your specific requirements. For example, you can specify the number of bedrooms and living spaces that are required to be cooled as well as your preferred temperature settings. The system can also be zoned so that different areas of your home can be conditioned independently.

The key to ensuring the right system is installed is working with an experienced supplier who will take a close look at your house and assess the needs of each individual space. This will allow them to recommend a system that is tailored to your unique requirements.

A ducted air conditioning system can add significant value to your property. As a result, it’s important to choose an installer who has a strong track record and many years of experience in the industry. It’s also worth looking at customer testimonials and reading reviews to ensure you choose a company that will deliver the best possible service. The last thing you want is a cheap, rushed job that will be both expensive and inefficient to operate. Choosing the right company from the start will save you money, hassle and stress in the long term. It will also ensure your family enjoys year-round comfort in a home that is both comfortable and energy efficient.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Ducted Air Conditioning Installation