Ducted air conditioners are energy efficient and can provide cool air in a home quickly and easily. Because of these benefits, many homeowners choose to have a ducted air conditioning system installed in their homes. However, air conditioner repairs can sometimes prove to be difficult and expensive if they aren’t handled properly. Ducted air conditioner maintenance is therefore extremely important to ensure that air conditioners are working well and can keep you cool during the summer months when you need it most.

ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioners are sealed air conditioners that use duct work to transport the heated air into the room. As the name suggests, these units use air ducts to transport the cooled air back to the system and deliver fresh air to the entire house. These units are typically installed outdoors (sometimes in the attic or on the roof) so they don’t take up too much living space. Despite this, it’s still important for air conditioner maintenance to ensure that the unit is cleaned and serviced regularly. Otherwise, air con performance can be impaired, and people around the unit may become uncomfortable.

Most ducted air conditioning systems are relatively easy to maintain. It’s the upkeep and cleaning that can sometimes detract from their efficiency and reduce their effectiveness. This is especially true with refrigerant-based air conditioners, which must be cleaned of debris and leaks on a regular basis. While refrigerant-based air conditioning systems can be cleaned using common household cleaners, it’s usually best to hire air conditioner services to remove dirt, debris, and leaks. Here are some maintenance tips that you can use to help your air conditioner:

There are a number of ducted air conditioning systems that use blowers to blow air through ductwork. If your air conditioning has central air conditioning or an open-air floor design, it’s best to have the blower run during the cooler season and just after opening for business. This ensures that air will circulate throughout the entire aircon system, improving its efficiency and reducing the risk of coolant leaks. Make sure to keep the blower running at all times, even when there isn’t cool air due to a closed or insulated building.

If you’re experiencing issues with your ducted air conditioning, it might be a good idea to check the moisture in your ceilings. Over time, excess moisture can cause condensation between the inside of the ducts and the ceiling space, which can reduce air circulation. Be aware that even small amounts of moisture can make your unit work harder, requiring increased energy consumption and potentially dangerous levels of operation.

Regular servicing is also essential for proper operation of your ducted air conditioning system. It’s easy to neglect regular servicing schedules because of other duties you’re taking on or simply because you’re too busy to get to your HVAC unit. However, a broken duct or damaged fan can be a serious problem for your heating and cooling needs. The sooner you start servicing your ducted system aircon, the less money you’ll spend in the long run. The most affordable option for regular servicing is to take your air conditioner to a local HVAC company for cleaning and repair.

Ducted Air Conditioning Basics