ducted air conditioning installation

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation and Considerations

For the person who has never heard of ducted air conditioning installation, it is an arrangement in which a duct system is installed in the ceiling of a building. A duct system circulates cool or warm air through ducts in the ceiling. It is used in industries, commercial establishments and residential homes to control the temperature by adjusting the amount of cold and warm air that is distributed.

Ducted air conditioners have been the preferred cooling system for more than three decades now, yet many people do not know anything about ducted air conditioners or their installation. ACG has in house team of qualified professionals who install ducted air conditioners throughout Sydney from leading air conditioning brands like Daikin, Samsung, Fujitsu, and Mitsubishi Electric. They are known to be very reliable and economical. These ducted air conditioners come with variable speed fans to provide smooth airflow. They are quiet in operation and do not require too much noise and disturbance from the residents.

Ducted cooling and heating systems are mainly used in offices, commercial establishments, homes and apartments to regulate the temperature of the room. The ducted air con installation in your room depends on the size, structure, number of rooms and other specifications of your location. For small office space, single-speed and dual-speed ducted air conditioners are generally used. For larger room sizes, split systems and multiple-speed systems are used.

In case of a ducted air conditioning installation, the ducts will be placed in different locations. Before the ducts are installed, the ceiling has to be thoroughly inspected. Any obstructions must be removed to make it easier for the technician to install the ducted air conditioning systems. As part of ducted air conditioning system maintenance, you have to check the ducts frequently to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

There are many benefits to a ducted air conditioning installation. One is that this cooling and heating system does not need ducts that carry hot or cold air to different rooms. This saves energy and costs. This type of system also reduces the risk of electrical problems because of its ducted nature. Another benefit of installing this cooling and heating system is the comfort of the residents. They get to experience cooling and heat at the same time.

In case you have a large factory or small shop, it may be cost-effective to use a ducted air conditioning installation instead of a single storey home unit. Large factories usually have a number of ducted air conditioners installed on the same ceiling. For small shops, installing single storey units would be more economical. When you have a large factory or small shop, you can discuss with your heating and cooling contractor the best ducted air conditioning installation options available in your area.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation and Considerations