A centralized air conditioning unit as the very name signifies tends to have a central unit that is used to cool the entire home at a go.  Unlike the window units of the split units, the centralized systems do not have multiple units places close to where the cooling or heating requirement arises.  But in its replacement, there need to be air ducts in place to carry the air to a place from the central unit most of the time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Centralized Air Conditioning

Cost wise, it makes more sense to have a large centralized unit in case more than two or more rooms or spaces are to be air-conditioned at a time. For single rooms and small areas, there is not much advantage to be had with a single unit and a window system would be more than sufficient.


  • Cools the whole premise and operates on a single thermostat. This enables a uniform comfort level to be maintained right throughout the space.  Few single window units or even the split air conditioning units can match the comfort levels often rendered by the single large central unit. That alone is reason enough to go for the centralized air conditioners.
  • The air quality delivered at the premises with a central air conditioner is much better as compared to a multi-unit cooling system.  Additionally, the centralized system can be made more responsive to the air quality at the site to deliver customized solutions as compared to the window air conditioners.  There is a greater level of customizations when it comes to centralized systems as compared to the single window air conditioners.
  • Since the centralized systems are a single unit operationally, it makes for much easier operations as compared to numerous single window air conditioning systems. Maintaining a single large unit is much simpler as compared to the many window units that usually are taken into cool a large area.
  • The centralized systems are only intrusive enough to be able to be ducted around and not seen otherwise. This is not the case with window air conditioners which tends to be bulky and very visible parts to the whole buildings. Most of the time the central air conditioning units are kept away from the buildings and under proper disguise too.
  • People often rate central air conditioning as being expensive. But taken on a per cubic feet of air-cooled, the central air conditioning is much more efficient and thus works out cheaper per unit of air cooled too.  Maintainance is much more organized and simple in the centralized units as compared to handling the many window units each time.


  • Unless kept well maintained and in good order, the centralized units tend to be rather dirty and harmful to the health of the inmates. The window air conditioners are more manageable in this manner as it tends to be more localized and kept to a single room most of the time.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Centralized Air Conditioning

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